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Do you know that 120, 024, 676 people like Christiano Ronaldo’s official Facebook page? One time, he asked his friends what underwear to wear and he got 280, 000 responses! Imagine that! You can also have such huge responses and followings from putting all those Facebook features to good use. Through your various postings and sharings, you can become famous too.

Pimp your profile:

Your profile picture gives the first impression about you. Remember, pictures speak louder than words. So go ahead and pimp it good! If you love foods and cooking, make your profile picture some exotic foods from France or Paris or even from your hometown. Choose the ones with the best picture quality.

You know this picture shows when you make comments on other people’s posts, so make it the best representation of you.  For your cover picture, you can choose to display a farm land, your restaurant or your kitchen. But make the picture fun and attractive.

What to post:

There are no rules on what to post or what not to post. So feel free to share your thoughts unreservedly.  You can post up an old picture of you and your classmates, just for the fun of it. And recount an event that got the whole school talking.

You may even relate it to a similar event in the present, and then watch for reactions from your Facebook friends.  Do you know the most popular Facebook video of the month January 2017, from the viral video publisher’s? It is the video of that man who can apparently balance anything. I’m guessing you saw it too right? He got 32.2 million views in his first week of upload!

So make videos of the interesting things you have around you and share them. For instance, you have a pretty cat; an amazing plant or landscape around you; or any fun skill you possess. Let people know about it by sharing it on Facebook.  Contents related to sports, news, food and lifestyles generate the most views and reactions on Facebook.

If you post interesting matters in this areas, you are more likely to get such reactions and responses that will fastrack your race to becoming famous on Facebook. But make your post fun, entertaining, educative, inspirational or instructional.

Some of the top Facebook pages Americans like the most are: Fox News, Domino's pizza, Audi USA, Discovery channel and Basketball.  You can take a cue from this and share your local news or sports update on your Facebook page in a fun way. Once you keep the updates flowing, people will know you for this and will keep visiting your page for more engaging interactions.

Bringing day to day matters for people to comment on will set you on the mark to being famous on Facebook too. For instance, you could say: 'I'd give anything to rock Demi Lovato's Grammy dress, who's with me? Or you may choose to ask your friends what the weirdest food they've ever eaten is. You may also just search for what's trending online or in the world and simply start a discussion on your facebook page on it. Remember to make it fun and interactive too.

Teach for free:

If you have any trade, craft or skill that you've learnt sometime in your past, which you're pretty confident you can take others through, take to your Facebook page and teach it for free!  You will be amazed at how enthusiastic people are to learn. And to learn for free? Trust me, people like free. That was how Facebook came to us anyways!

Take a cue from Strive Masiyiwa, who is quite famous on Facebook for sharing entrepreneurial skills for free.  Once your training is educative and inspiring, you'll soon be the next 'must-see' page by your fans before the close of each day.  Like their pages and make interactive comments about their posts.

You can even create a Facebook group of your own for others to learn from and comment. You'll find friends who would refer friends to your page as long as they enjoy what your group offers them.

When to post:

You can leave your post just at any time of the day. You'll get feedbacks when your friends see them.

What not to post:

Don't make untrue statements about others; you may loose your credibility with your followers.  Don't post provocative videos especially if you seek formal job postings now or later in future.

Don't respond unkindly to people's posts or comments, even if they are unkind to you. That says a lot about you to other friends watching.


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What more?

Link your facebook posts to your other social media posts on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and on your blog (if you have one).

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When to post:

If you are making a post for immediate feedback, be sure to post in the evenings, at work-free times or on weekends.

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Join groups:

Network! Give what you want to receive. Join other people's Facebook pages that catch your fancy.

Be known for something fun. A smile. Catchphrase. A fun gesture or funny logo to your posts and videos would stand you out to your viewers.

Chris Pirillo, alias 'lockergnome', a computer system support guru, found a way to combine his technical skills with a fine sense of humour.

His catchphrase 'We'll 'E' ya later' accompanied with an 'E' hand gesture is fun to watch. He has 14,647 followings on Facebook.

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"The more friends you have, the closer you are to becoming Facebook famous. Infact, you need to deliberately grow your fan base by adding friends.Update your profile details too."


Cristina Richards
CEO - SmartDesign

"Send friend invites to your old friends, past school mates, work mates, street acquaintances, neighbors, superiors and juniors. Add as many people as you can. "


Richard Johanson
CEO - SmartDesign

"When you visit a new place, make it a point of duty to make new friends. Make friends with friends of your friends and add them as your Facebook friends too. "


Cristina Richards
CEO - SmartDesign

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